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About Lead2Gold

About Lead2Gold

Forging a Unique Organisation

Lead2Gold is a Change Agency
It is Intentionally Different and New

Its Mission

  • Help Clients identify dramatically improve their financial success.

  • Support Business Leaders with new strategies to gain competitive advantage.

  • Provide critical controls to streamline sales and operations.
    Remove internal complexity that constrains growth and extinguishes management enthusiasm to drive the business to greater heights.

Ah-ha! Moments

Several "Ah-ha!" moments triggered Lead2Gold's creation.

At a 4 day business seminar with hundreds of business owners, a lot of advice was presented. The founder's many Ah-ah! moments followed this pattern:

  1. Speaker gives advice from stage.
  2. Business owners excitedly note the advice and say how impressive it is.
  3. Founder thinks:

Oh my God! 
If they're not doing that already,
what are they doing?!

Lack of Sales Expertise

After that time he talked to business owners about their approaches to sales.

Many don't employee sales staff. Others do without knowing how to ensure they will be successful. Sales staff are typically from the bottom of the pay spectrum because top performers gravitate to large corporates.

Business Owners

Many business owners made the early sales themselves - their enthusiasm and product knowledge winning over customers.
Incorrectly managed sales staff are less effective but still frustratingly expensive.

Easy To Improve

As a professional salesman of 20 years, he identified so much that can be quickly and easily done to rectify those situations.

Why Lead2Gold?

Lead2Gold is no standard sales consultancy
or conventional training organisation

If it were, a name signifying slow-moving, long-standing and grandiose stability would have been chosen (words reflecting solid-sounding establishment credentials: words like rock/granite, regent/royal, etc.).

As Lead2Gold's strategies and methodologies were formed, several (relatively simple) ways to create dramatic improvement easily for clients became apparent.

The name had to impart the dramatic improvement it brings to others …

a name that illustrates the (apparently magical)
positive fortune it delivers for clients

taken from its ability to perform 'business alchemy':
turning clients' relatively 'leaden' operations into pure gold

Reverse Imagineering

Before starting Lead2Gold, the founder studied for several years to discover, combine and structure proven strategies (along with his lifetime of success) into its unique strategies and methodologies.

During its formation, Lead2Gold needed to describe succinctly its unique ability when delivering successful client change. No other business offers this so a simple comparison or known term wasn't available. The result: Lead2Gold invented the term Reverse Imagineering.

It combines the terms Reverse Engineering: taking a successful item apart to understand how to build another item with the same attributes, and Imagineering where Disney Corporation employees dream up new experiences for their parks.

Reverse Imagineering is the opposite (hence the "reverse") of Disney's Imagineering because it doesn’t dream up new ideas and try them.

It takes existing, proven examples and
applies them in a new context

By taking successful strategies from one industry and applying them to another (its clients'), recipient clients not only become more successful, they gain 'first mover advantage' in the new approach as well - offering marketing possibilities to be synonymous with that new approach.

(noun) A person who studies successful strategies, adapting them to apply in different environments; in particular one who reverse imagineers solutions for Lead2gold Limited.

(verb) Implement existing, proven strategies or technologies in new environments.

(defined by Lead2Gold Limited, 2016)

(noun) A person who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology, in particular one who devises the attractions in Walt Disney theme parks.

(verb) Devise and implement (a new or highly imaginative concept or technology)

(Oxford Dictionary definition)

(noun) Reverse engineering is the process of extracting knowledge or design information from anything and reproducing it or reproducing anything based on the extracted information.

(also known as back engineering)

(Wikipedia definition)


Human psychology is critical
for every business

It's a shame most Owners and Directors underestimate its importance.

Our mental and physical state at any moment determine not only how we perform, but also how others perceive us (and if they like us). Both of these dramatically impact the likelihood of our being successful.

Managing your 'state' will allow you to influence those you work with: management, peers, subordinates and clients.

Woven throughout Lead2Gold strategies and methodologies are elements relating to human and organisational psychology. Knowing these fundamentals will help you understand why and how others respond to you in the way they do.

That means you can plan your approach ahead of any meeting
to ensure your influence has the most successful impact possible

If Lead2Gold sounds interesting,
let's discuss how to make you more successful than you can imagine today

Risk Removal For Clients

Lead2Gold is results-driven - not just its results, but also those of its clients.

Lead2Gold willingly operates on
a profit-sharing basis wherever possible

This is Unique

If it doesn't deliver you greater success than our fee,
we don't want you to be out of pocket

Others may make similar claims - but don't support them commercially.
Their contract will avoid the offer, requiring guaranteed payment whatever the results - you'll find they won't move on this point.

If you can show others as open as Lead2Gold, we'd be happy to hear from you because competition is good: it drives us to be more passionate about what we do (it's the life-blood of commerce and innovation).

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