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Campaign Support

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Many businesses invest in promotional activities (trade shows, seminars, etc.), or embark on sales campaigns only to discover a zero or negative return on their investment (time and money).

The problem is not the activity or attendance fee
It is the lack of preparation

Once committed to the event, nothing is done until the final few days: no effort is made to ensure it is a success. That last minute panic means poorly organised stand operated by unprepared staff.

Negative Spiral

Individuals know events rarely deliver
against the hopes of management funding them

Here's the sad reality:

  • Targets are rarely set.
  • Insufficient planning and poor management lead to sub-standard event attendance.
  • Staff on the stand are ill prepared to maximise every conversation.
  • Leads generated are poorly tracked and follow-ups often don't deliver.
  • Staff learn that events fail to deliver outcomes anticipated by those funding them.

The last bullet leads to the negative spiral affecting future events:

  • Targets are avoided - sales won't set themselves up for anticipated failure.
  • No one invests themselves in the event because they may be blamed for its failure - leading to insufficient planning and poor management again.
  • Leads are not tracked, so fail to deliver all they could again.
  • Staff belief in poor event results are re-enforced.

Appropriate Preparation

Correctly preparing for events or campaigns
makes the difference between poor and stellar performance

Having a simple structure to organise different event types allows you to maximise returns from every opportunity:

  • Goals are set and clearly articulated to the team.
  • Every participant understands their role and responsibilities.
  • Checklists avoid errors that distract focus from the desired outcome.
  • Plans deliver a smooth running event with relaxed and prepared staff
    - at their very best to represent your organisation.

Structured Plans for Different Event Types

Lead2Gold has plans for many event and campaign types. Each plan is specific, so leverages particular features of that event to maximise the outcome.

For example, if you're to attend a trade show in two months' time, Lead2Gold will step you through a planning and preparation phase that addresses all the issues relating to trade shows - and identifies how to find and maximise opportunities at trade shows.

Examples include:

  • Sales Campaigns
  • Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Major Client Presentations
  • Speaking Opportunities

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