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The Importance of Your Brand

Establishing the correct brand for your company
can be the difference between success and failure

Historically, having a brand it was important. In today's connected economy, with social and professional media fully integrated with many types of client engagement, it is essential.

Updating to the correct brand can multiply the results of a sales or marketing campaign: the 'hook' your branding creates determines the conversion rate.

Once engaged, ensuring your brand consistently reflects all aspects of communications reassures prospects and clients that you are a professional company and safe to purchase from.

Without a good brand you might make it, but it will be harder and take longer
Get your brand right early to make your success easier and faster to achieve

Collaborative Partner

Lead2Gold works in conjunction with a specialist partner with decades of experience in brand marketing to provide many hundreds of clients with the expertise required in this important subject.

Branding engagements vary from new a newly formed organisation to partial or total re-work and re-launch of your existing brand. (e.g. re-brand to create more impact, re-think for online presence, etc.).

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World Wide Web

In this Connection Economy, you must leverage the Internet

Not using this unique, far-reaching and cost effective tool
for your business is unimaginable

There are many ways to use the Internet to your advantage. These depend on the nature and location of your business, your clients and your products or services.


Creating a website can be a costly exercise. Inadequate specification leads to development re-work and escalating, out-of-control costs.

Worse still, the resulting website is overly simplistic in design and difficult to maintain (after many changes en route). Results of 'designed on the fly' websites rarely reflect the owner's aspirations or the needs of the business.

Lead2Gold helps clients create websites using the very latest techniques and technologies. It operates a process that steps you to the perfect website design for your business, one that maintains the aspirations of the owner and core needs of the business.

The process continues into the implementation phase to deliver a website exactly matching the specification.

Unusually, providing you a website with the latest design technologies
is cheaper than other methods that fail to meet your needs
- meaning this will save you money too

SEO Marketing

Organisations say they will put your website
on page one of Google
Assume these claims to be lies

It is easy to check: see if their website comes top when searching for "search engine optimisation".

Appearing on page one of search engines is achieved through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is a complex mix of activities that require consistent hard work over at least several months to achieve good results.

Lead2Gold does not claim to be able to have your organisation reach page one overnight. What it will do is help you understand all the factors to be considered and applied to improve your website's chances. If required, it can also arrange for those activities to be undertaken professionally on your behalf.

More importantly, it will advise how SEO marketing integrates with other ways to promote your business.

Social Media

The benefits of social media and marketing can be dramatic.

Promotion of business ventures through social media is relatively new and its conversation rates are very low compared with other approaches. However, the capacity of a promotion that has 'gone viral' to reach millions is impossible to match via other means.

Also, the speed of connection with so many people is unparalleled

It is not easy: the market is by its nature massive and the competition for attention also unparalleled - but the rewards are equally tantalising.

Even modest success in social media terms
will elipse every other type of promotional approach

It is something you should consider for your product or service

Lead2Gold will help you determine if and how best to apply social media marketing for your business.

Working with specialist partners, it is able to offer you a leap forward into this potentially explosive form of promotion.

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Social media is not the only affordable way
to successfully promote your business

Access to the Media

Understanding precisely when, where and how to engage with journalists and the media is a specialist area that most organisations never approach.

Historically, access to print, radio or TV media
was both expensive and difficult

The advent of social media means this is no longer the case - print, radio and TV features are often sourced from social media. Journalists had to adapt, so are more open to direct access from individuals than ever before - and easier to find and reach thanks to the Internet.

Effort Required

With a little work, you have an inexpensive way to increase your message's reach
to your prospective client base in a far more targeted way than social media

Planned correctly, a single campaign will combine
all forms of media (inc. social media)

Ease of access doesn't mean that your 'story' doesn't require any less work to make it newsworthy. Knowing how to prepare your story and ensure it includes all the critical elements to entice journalists to pick it up needs expert knowledge.

Lead2Gold works with an award-winning PR company specialising in helping organisations entering this field. Together they will help you promote your business through various forms of media: newspapers, magazines, trade publications, TV, radio and online.

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