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PR & Media Preparation

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Social media is not the only affordable way
to successfully promote your business

Access to the Media

Understanding precisely when, where and how to engage with journalists and the media is a specialist area that most organisations never approach.

Historically, access to print, radio or TV media
was both expensive and difficult

The advent of social media means this is no longer the case - print, radio and TV features are often sourced from social media. Journalists had to adapt, so are more open to direct access from individuals than ever before - and easier to find and reach thanks to the Internet.

Effort Required

With a little work, you have an inexpensive way to increase your message's reach
to your prospective client base in a far more targeted way than social media

Planned correctly, a single campaign will combine
all forms of media (inc. social media)

Ease of access doesn't mean that your 'story' doesn't require any less work to make it newsworthy. Knowing how to prepare your story and ensure it includes all the critical elements to entice journalists to pick it up needs expert knowledge.

Lead2Gold works with an award-winning PR company specialising in helping organisations entering this field. Together they will help you promote your business through various forms of media: newspapers, magazines, trade publications, TV, radio and online.

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