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In response to your request, a Lead2Gold representative will call to arrange the Initial Consultation.

On the call, additional information to that provided on the request may be sought to determine the most appropriate attendee(s) for the consultation.



The Initial Consultation has one simple objective: collect sufficient high-level information to inform the Evaluation that follows. It will require the following (at least in outline):

  • an understanding of how your business operates in terms of marketing, sales and operations
  • organisational and staffing information
  • issues you want to be addressed
  • opportunities you suspect can be exploited



Locations and availability will determine how the consultation be performed: in person, by Skype/Lync, or by phone.

It is advantageous to meet at the client business address because this provides an opportunity for 1st-hand experience of some business functions and staff (as appropriate).

Occasionally, it is appropriate to avoid the client location because of the anticipated future activities - this will form part of the initial discussion as dates and times are agreed.

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An Evaluation allows Lead2Gold to investigate aspects of a forthcoming engagement.
More detailed than the Initial Consultation, it specifically targets the areas identified as of interest in the Initial Consultation - though other areas may arise as details are uncovered.


The Evaluation has one simple objective: collect sufficiently detailed information to fully inform a Heads of Agreement Document (HOA).
The HOA will identify a plan to deliver specific actions discovered during the Evaluation. It will include target objectives, timings, resources, effort and pricing. This document will contain enough detail to remove the need for an additional proposal.


Although each Evaluation is client-specific, typically Evaluations target the following areas as a minimum:

  • current situation: high-level operational detail, plans, issues, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • staff situation (inc. morale, structure, key roles/teams, productivity)
  • current expectations for the business
  • aspirations (even when no plans/idea how to deliver)

Wherever possible, the Evaluation will identify areas that can be improved that mutually support each other - creating an opportunity for exponential earnings improvements.


Where training is required and volumes dictate, a high-level training needs analysis (TNA) may be required as a separate exercise.

Complex Engagements

For complex engagements, the HOA will break the plain into several different Stages. Each Stage will be managed independently, but may require some interdependencies with other Stages to be managed.
In some cases, a Stage may require its own additional 'Initial Consultation' to more fully investigate the requirements.

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Immediate Help

Lead2Gold has a wide variety of skills and expertise that can help your organisation.

In most cases, a distinct engagement is the most appropriate where specialist support is allocated and scheduled for you. However, situations arise where immediate ad-hoc access to that support is needed - meaning standard scheduling won't meet your timing needs.

Retained Support

In those cases it makes sense to pre-plan access to support - to have expertise on a retainer.

The nature of the support*, and speed of access to it will depend on your situation. Lead2Gold prides itself on its ability to accommodate client requests and will work with you to find the optimal way to help you.

* This could be any form of immediate consultation:
trusted 3rd party for management, negotiation input, marketing and sales advice, etc.

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