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Fee Options

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Lead2Gold recognises the importance of managing risk for its clients.

This is reflected in the guidance in provides for the client, plus the commercial arrangements it offers. A range of engagement options (outlined below) can be discussed as part of an agreement to work together.

Zero Charge

The Initial Consultation is provided free of charge.

Until Lead2Gold's Initial Consultation report is presented, clients can't appreciate the value of the advice. Until that is established, it would be unreasonable for any service-based supplier to charge (although most insist on it).

Zero Implementation Fees

For clients wary about investing in advice, options exist to completely remove their financial risk.

Several types of engagement can be offered on a 'profit-share' basis. Typically these are based on work resulting from:

  • Optimisation Reports
  • Campaign Support (some)
  • Reverse Imagineering
  • Negotiation Support

In these cases, an agreed proportion of the profit resulting from work identified will be paid to Lead2Gold in lieu of the flat fee.

Recoverable Fees (Zero Charge Equivalent)

Lead2Gold believes its advice must deliver clients additional income or savings at lease equal to the fees charged.

Delivering many times the fee value for clients
is the aim of every engagement

Situations vary, but wherever appropriate the following fees will be provided on a recoverable basis to limit client risk.

The following activities will include a potential credit decision as part of the proposal.

  • Consultation
  • Evaluation / Scoping
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Advisor Fees
  • Optimisation Reports
  • Reverse Imagineering

All fees will be charged at a rate that is pre-agreed based on the size and nature of the work to be undertaken.

Fixed Fees

Where financial risk avoidance is not possible (in the ways described above), it is possible to limit financial risk for clients by offering a fixed-price engagement.

Commercial transaction safeguards remain for clients in these cases to ensure the work is completed successfully, while retaining an upper limit on the cost of the work.

Examples of these types of engagement include:

  • Organisational Control
  • Campaign Support
  • Negotiation Support
  • Branding
  • Online Marketing
  • PR & Media Preparation
  • Sales Training
  • Presentation Skills

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