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Presenting To Inspire Action

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What is the purpose of any presentation?

    1. To disseminate information to the audience?
    2. To have them like the presenter or presenter's organisation more?
    3. To take action based on the information being presented?


The answer is all three; though one is far more important - and it's the one that most presenters fail to achieve.

While sharing information is important, and 'likability' leads to better personal and organisational relationships, the most important is that the audience takes action. It is the hardest to achieve because it requires the other two as a pre-requisite.

Action will not be taken without the information being understood and trust in the presenter established. Once in place, more is needed to ensure the audience commit to the action presented.

What is Charisma?

Are you a Charismatic Presenter?      ... Would you like to be?

In a business context, charisma isn't simply about engaging an audience or making them your best friends forever.
It is about 'moving' people - persuading them they must change (whatever change means). In presentation terms, when you have an audience's trust and 'move' them, they will be receptive to your suggestion that they take action.

Lead2Gold defines charisma in a presenter as:

A person's ability to inspire audience action

Most people believe charisma is entirely natural - you either have it or you don't.
A few naturally charismatic people exist, but on-stage charisma is actually 50% natural and 50% teachable. Even if you're not one of those few, techniques from this course will provide you more charisma than most presenters - which will make you one of the most charismatic presenters around.

This course teaches techniques that invoke audience action:

  • Preparing a presentation that moves people to action
  • Pre-presentation state management
  • Stage presence and how to connect with every single member of the audience
  • Making your call to action felt, and acted upon

This course is designed for those comfortable with presenting - and Lead2Gold's Presentation Skills course attendees (plus 6 months experience).

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