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This course is for new sales professionals and business owners wishing to learn professional sales techniques.
It includes the basics that every salesperson must know to be effective, including:

  • Introduction to Sales
    • The importance of sales
    • Overcoming sales myths
    • Everyone Sells Already
  • Sales Skills
    • Communication Skills in Sales
    • Understanding Prospects and Clients
    • Negotiation Skills 101
    • Your Purpose and Demeanour
  • The Sales Process
    • Shaping the Deal: What are you really selling?
    • Prospecting and Introductions
    • Client Engagement
    • The Art of the Close

At the end of the course, attendees will have a good understanding of the sales process and skills needed to create successful outcomes. Where courses are run within your organisation, the examples and roll-plays can be tailored to
specifically the mirror actual situations.

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Elegant Salesmanship

A more elegant form of salesmanship is required to sell high-value, complex or service-based products and solutions.

Engagement with the client is more consultative and cordial.

When sold correctly,
clients will believe they selected you because
'you didn't sell to them'

Make no mistake, they certainly had been sold to - it just didn't feel like that to them.

Additional Skills

Good consultancy selling requires more skills than the majority of salespeople are formally taught.

A few progress to this with years of experience, but most do not.

Additional training can quickly progress sales staff into more elegant sales professionals. With this training, all future sales (complex and simple) will be easier to achieve, plus 'buyers remorse' will be a thing of the past.

Different Style

Sales introductions and conversations with prospects no longer focus on the feature-benefit approach for simple sales: one of the most important aspects is to avoid those entirely.

Issues faced by the more senior individuals being sold to are dramatically different, and the sales style adopted should respect that difference as well as addressing wider issues.

This course introduces methods proven successful in contacting, addressing and closing sales to senior clients. The techniques taught ensure prospects believe your arrival was a wholly positive step that helped them overcome their problem and be more successful themselves.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychology school. Its techniques are proven to create lasting change in patients within record time. Already, several individual skills uncovered by NLP are widely used by sales professionals
(e.g. mirroring and matching, persuasive language, etc.).

Never before has a sales methodology been created
based on successful 'end-to-end' NLP practices


Sales professionals rely on a "compelling event" to trigger client action to purchase. Without a sufficiently compelling event, the client doesn't take action, so doesn't purchase.

Status quo is the greatest killer of potential purchase decisions

Often a 'compelling event' is created by the company wanting to sell (limited offers, future price increases, etc.). However, today's clients are sophisticated enough to realise these time limits rarely hold if the purchase is important enough - so ignore them.

Lead2Gold's NLP Sales Methodology was created to provide sales professionals with
a structured toolset that creates client change.

It produces client action, even when no compelling event exists

As the pinnacle of sales and persuasion expertise, the skills within this course multiply the abilities of experienced sales professionals.

On completion, attendees have a structured methodology that promotes client action (toward making a purchase). Inherent to the methodology are steps that actively avoid the potential for buyer's remorse.

These are not 'hard sell' techniques - they are collaborative, supportive and successful

A pre-requisite is successful completion of Lead2Gold's Consultancy Sales course.

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